He’s back

An emotional return for the Boy Wonder at the airport after some horribly delayed flights, but he’s finally back home now. Yay!

Not the results that they would have liked, but many amazing experiences, new friends, the pyramids, different cultures, life lessons and plenty (or more) entente cordiale. And sometimes – always, in fact – once you think things through, those things are more important than the actual game. When they’re not, it can all get a little unpleasant. There was a bit of that on show as well, happily not from anyone from SA.

There’s a lot of downloading to do, tales to tell, and moments to relive. But first, there’s a homecoming braai to enjoy and a LOT of sleeping to catch up on.


Not much time today because of a plethora of things to do from now until way beyond sundown.

So I’ll just pop a quota photo onto the blog. Like this:

Yep. Ghana may also have ducked out of the World Cup last night, but it was delicious to see them “only” lose 2-0 to Uruguay, meaning that Luis Suarez and the South Americans are also headed home. Delicious, because you may remember that Suarez incident against Ghana at Soccer City in 2010.

To be fair, I wrote this back then:

Quite what people expected you to do when faced with opposition football teams in an international football tournament escapes me. I would have stopped that shot with my hand if Iā€™d have been on the line that night. So would David Beckham, so would Lionel Messi, neither would Robert Green.

…and I stand by that, because you’re there to win. But that doesn’t mean that it was the right thing to do.

It’s not nice to revel in other people’s misfortune, but in this case…? Well, since 2010, Luis Suarez has been involved in biting incident(s), racist incident(s) and clearly stands out as one of the whiniest, diviest, nastiest players to ever “grace” the beautiful game.

So yes, last night was actually rather enjoyable.

UPDATE: Incoming from The Guru, further evidence of what a genuinely pleasant bunch of lads the Uruguayan team really are.
Here’s Frederico Valverde taunting the ref(!) after Ghana missed that first half penalty. Ugh.