On wine

Here’s some interesting advice, especially for someone like me who likes to save good wine for special occasions:

Don’t save the good wine for a good day. Good wine is wasted on a good day.
On a good day, all wine is good wine. Bad wine is good wine.
Drink the good wine on a bad day. That’s what it’s for.

I’m not 100% sure I agree, but it is a variation on the theme of a quote that I have heard before:

Don’t save special wine for a special occasion.
Make an occasion special by drinking special wine.

At the end of the day, this does all just sound like the shills for Big Wine have been paid to get you to drink lots of the best wine as soon as possible.

But I’m not really sure if I have a problem with that.

Day 721 – Boozy afternoon

Constantia Wine Route. Ostensibly checking out the local offerings to find a suitably special 50th birthday gift for tonight. But also actually checking out the local offerings because a lot of them are really good.

Glen, Beau, Groot. Many boxes ticked. Great afternoon out.

Many thanks to Mrs 6000 for driving us safely everywhere on her day off.

Day 65 – Coming soon

I’m not saying that South Africa has missed being able to order wine, but here are guys from Getwine (you may remember them from these posts) with the orders that they are sorting ready for delivery once the Level 3 lockdown comes into force on Monday:

As many people commented: “mine is in there somewhere”.

I actually ordered 3 weeks ago, but I’m not expecting them to be knocking on my door at 8am on Monday morning.
(Or, looking at this, maybe any time in June…) [sad trombone]

Day 58 – Did my bit

I drank my SA wine last night.

But I didn’t drink all of it and so I still have some of my SA wine to drink tonight as well.

I chose a Journey’s End Shiraz to go with our roast. It was superb. It will likely be even superber this evening.

Yes, I made the roast, but I have to say that it was actually pretty decent as well.
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