Z&G: The End of the Road

Music post ahead: meaning, apparently, that my Dad will not be reading any further.

His prerogative of course, but he’s missing out on Zebra & Giraffe’s latest offering, The End of the Road, supplied here in full for the clamouring multitude of overseas 6000 miles… readers who do choose to lap up South African music like hungry kittens around a saucer of double cream.
But aurally.

Decent tune, although I’d prefer a bit more of the Depeche Mode introduction throughout the rest of the song. And a rather original video too: according to my sources, vintage, dusty, circus freakshow, ballet dancer chic is bang on in at the moment.

The eye-shadow is of particular concern though – please Greg – we don’t want you heading to the end of that particular road.

More Zebra & Giraffe tunes on 6000 miles… here and here.
And some spiffing photos of the boys here.

Sweaty palms?

Not much from me here today, except this video which I was reminded of by my 2 year old daughter, who – on the way to school on Friday – informed me that she liked cranes, but she didn’t like swords.

So there you have it.

I still get shivers and sweaty palms when I see this. The lack of explanation as to who these blokes are and why they are doing this.
Google – my usual aide in such matters is surprisingly unhelpful as well.

OK GO – single shot video

They did the treadmills, they did the Reub Goldberg Machine.

Now they’ve done another epic video for their latest song End Love.
And this time, it’s got a goose in it.

Utterly amazing…

Director Jeff Lieberman says:

The fastest we go is 172,800x, compressing 24 hours of real time into a blazing 1/2 second. The slowest is 1/32x speed, stretching a mere 1/2 second of real time into a whopping 16 seconds. This gives us a fastest to slowest ratio of 5.5 million. If you like averages, the average speed up factor of the band dancing is 270x. In total we shot 18 hours of the band dancing and 192 hours of LA skyline timelapse – over a million frames of video – and compressed it all down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds!
Oh and don’t forget, it’s one continuous camera shot.
We also made a special friend in the process. Her name is Orange Bill and she’s a goose. You will agree that she clearly has a future in music videos.

Traditionalists will realise that you can’t post music videos which mess around with the speed of time without linking to the black and white Airsteam caravan inspired brilliance that is Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out).
I will do this here.
In fact, no I won’t – I’ll go one step further and post it up:

Wow. Memories, anyone?

Quick Change

I hate shows like America’s Got Talent. I (accidentally) saw one of the semi-finals last week and was amazed that out of nation of 300 million people, these were in the top 20 most talented.
What utter rubbish. 
But then I got emailed this clip.

I haven’t actually worked out how they do it, but they certainly do it well. And I’m not sure that I actually want to know the secret.
I do have to say that it would be a hugely useful thing to be able to do in a bank robbery though.

Not that I’m planning that either.