Next year… Prank Pack

How come these brilliant things only make themselves known to me two weeks before Christmas? And they’re always overseas, so there’s little or no chance of getting them down to Cape Town in order to use them for Winterval on the 25th?

Behold, Prank Pack:

These are “Genuine Fake Gift Boxes” for you to put your real gift inside. There’s this kitchen aid, “for the cooking enthusiast who has everything…except a 1/64 HP powered Rolling Pin”, Bathe and Brew “an in-shower coffee maker and soap dispenser” and the Pet Petter: “an automatic petting device that has 4 different speeds for all types of hair length. Never touch your pet again.”

Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in their half-hearted enthusiasm.

Or you could just go and get the real thing from Verimark.