Tessellate – Alt-J

Incoming from Cambridge band Alt-J who apparently played at the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield this year.
I’m not sure how long this has been doing the rounds overseas, but it’s a relative newcomer to SA and I’m really enjoying it. That probably has more to do with the heavy piano chord introduction and the messy percussion throughout than the fact that the lead singer looks a bit like Howard Moon from The Mighty Boosh.


The official video is here, but it doesn’t do much for me.


The painting on which the video is based “The School of Athens” shows the brightest and best of their day, the people lauded as great, who commanded the most respect in society. The contrast is to show what has become most respected in out society – money, women, empty fame and bravado, these are the things argued over and lauded now. The LA Gangster schtick works well as visual shorthand for this.

Since I agree with the sentiment, maybe I just don’t like looking at chavs.

Who knew?