Day 298, part 2 – Remember nights out?

Here’s Tove Lo’s Habits (Stay High) – we’ve had her on the blog before, and we’ve had this song on the blog before, but that’s not what this post is about.
This one is the Hippie Sabotage Remix. But that’s not important right now, either.

Sure, I know that music videos are all staged and set up and rehearsed and planned and stuff, but if this one isn’t shot on an actual night out in the pubs and clubs of Stockholm, then it does at least make a very good approximation of having being done so.

And I’m certainly not saying that I would get up to all of that sort of nonsense on a night out in Stockholm or anywhere else, but I would have at least done some of it.

Look at it! The people, the crowds, the drinking, the laughter, the live curling on the pub TV…

Remember all that stuff?

Of course, if you’re an arsehole, you’ll remember all that stuff very well because you were doing it on any given recent weekend, but for those of us with any sense and respect, it is but a fleeting memory.

Those were good days. And good nights.

I wonder when – if ever – we’ll be able to safely do these sort of things again?

[sighs gently, gazes wistfully into middle distance]

Habits cover

We’ve mentioned Swedish music here before: more than once. Most recently was Postiljonen’s dream pop efforts, described by me as being “full of lazy 80s sax” and by one reader as “elevator music which sounds like Enya with a bit of drum machine”.


And then there was Swedish songstress Tove Lo on this post. I featured Out Of Mind and its spectacular video on that one, but Tove is probably best known for her 2014 hit Habits and it’s that which has been brilliantly covered by Fryars for Radio 1’s Live Lounge:

Fryars (real name Ben Garrett) is new to me, but based on this performance and the very favourable reviews I’ve read, I’m going to give his album Power a shot.
I’ll report back presently.

Swedish sightseeing

I’ve only been to Sweden once and even then, I didn’t get very far into Sweden. Still, the little bit of Sweden that I did get into was very nice and it made me think that if I ever got the opportunity to get into a bit more of Sweden, then that would be something I would like to do.

Thus, since that opportunity has yet to arise, I have been exploring the country online. The best way to do this is to get a local guide to take through some of the best urban and countryside areas. And here, in the video for her song Out of Mind, Swedish songstress Tove Lo (you may remember her from such hits as Stay High) demonstrates several of the wonderful sights you can expect to enjoy when visiting her country.

True, for the first minute or so, you don’t get to see much of Sweden, because it’s mainly shot in a grey studio with her wearing a loosely fitting crop top and some underwear, but don’t let that put you off, because after that, she ventures outside onto a bridge in… maybe Stockholm or some other city. Whatevs.
I’m guessing by her continued skimpy attire that it’s during summer, which is probably when I would choose to visit, so it’s really helpful stuff.
Also, I have to find out where the shot at 1:27 is taken from too, because just look at that view. LOOK AT IT!


And then we head out into the local woodland, where Tove demonstrates the opportunities for trail running in her Scandinavian homeland. What a great place to run.
And while the light filtering through the silver birches (yes, I know they’re pine trees, but poetic licence, ok?) is fairly spectacular and will surely be a distraction, I’d suggest that it’s hugely important not to take your eyes off the undulating mounds while you’re there.
Lest you should… fall. Or something.

And on that safety first approach, I’d suggest wearing some appropriate training shoes for added grip as well. And maybe some shorts, in case of… upper thigh sunburn. But it’s really up to you, as our hostess demonstrates.

Sweden, hey? It looks just great.