Hourly rate

Don’t get me wrong. I know that there’s more to a bill than pure profit. There are taxes, overheads, employees, Eskom increases etc etc to deal with.
But – glad as I was that the orthopaedic surgeon fitted me in to his busy schedule at short notice last week – I was in there for 7 minutes and it cost me R800.

I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations and I reckon that amounts to R6857.14 per hour.

Like I said, that’s not all going into his pocket, but it’s certainly better than a kick in the teeth (which I can’t do at the moment anyway).

Lucky me, and indeed lucky him and lucky his bank manager, I shall return to consult with him for an equally expensive session later this week. There seems a good chance that I will be seeing him again the following week in a more theatrical setting too.

And I very much doubt that will be the final act either.