There are some people in the world who think all Americans are stupid.

I disagree. Not all Americans are stupid. I’ve actually met a couple of rather intelligent Americans. 
But then, I guess calling someone stupid depends on your definition of stupid. And, in an effort to make all Americans look less stupid, the stupidity threshold has been raised quite significantly by Shane Bauer, Sara Shourd and Joshua Fattal. They are the three Americans who have been detained after they allegedly strayed into Iranian territory while hiking along the Iran/Iraq border.

Exactly how stupid do you have to be to get yourself into that situation? At what point did these three sit down together and collectively decide that this particular hike would be a “good thing to do”?

Hmm, the border between Iran and Iraq.
There’s a safe geographical location between two peaceful and stable nations whose people love America and where we will therefore obviously avoid any sort of incident or trouble.

I’m not an American taxpayer, but if I were, I would be writing to tell President Obama in no uncertain terms that I refuse to have a single cent of my money spent in funding any sort of negotiations or diplomatic efforts to get these idiots released from Iranian custody. Words cannot even begin to describe the awesome stupidity of their actions.
One almost hopes for the Iranians to enforce the death penalty, which would at least make the trio eligible for the Darwin Awards, so that something worthwhile can come out of this sorry affair.

Obviously, this story is still unfolding and I will almost certainly comment further on it once I am back from my bird-watching trip to Helmand Province in Afghanistan.