Storm chasing and slapstick

I spent the afternoon on the Atlantic seaboard, chasing photos and enjoying the wind.

You can see what I saw by clicking here.

The evening was spent at Camps Bay’s Theatre On The Bay for the rather excellent and ever so amusing The Play That Goes Wrong.

Would highly advise that you go along and see it if you get the chance. Take nappies, because you will laugh that much.

Another Manx Storm

My inbox has been alive with images from the Isle of Man suffering the slings and arrows of another winter storm this weekend. This just a couple of weeks after a huge storm hit the Island. They’ve come in from various sources (the photos, not the storms, they all came from Atlantic low pressure areas), and in various ways, so – aside from the top one – I’m not sure whose are whose. If they’re yours and you want credit or want them removed, please get in touch.

IMG_61216580618737Castletown Breakwater doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

Photo by Peter Killey of (who’s been on 6000 miles… previously here).

Laxey harbour wall is under there somewhere.

IMG-20140202-WA0013Douglas Prom

The aftermath on Douglas Prom

Fire Hazard and no footpath at Groudle Glen

Laxey is overcome

I recognise that these photos won’t mean as much to many of my local readers as they do to be, but 1. I want a record of them and 2. “My most important reader is me“.


It’s been a wild day down in Cape Town. Torrential downpours, hail and thunder, interspersed with brief spells of glorious sunshine. It made for a good day to get out and see the huge swells generated by the storm front that made landfall yesterday evening.

Because of last night’s rain, Chapman’s Peak Drive was closed, so it was impossible to do both town and the deep south, thus I chose to drive the kids down around the peninsular, taking in the baboons in Kommetjie, the waves at Slangkop and Misty Cliffs, the “fresh breeze” at Scarborough and the bonking ostriches near Cape Point.

Looks, the waves were great, the scenery fantastic, but I could have done without the ostrich display, if I’m honest.

The photos of the afternoon are here. And yes, some hot ornithological action is included, purely for educational purposes.