Saturday morning views

We were out early for Alex’s karate kumite in Camps Bay this morning. He punched and kicked his way to a gold medal, including a stunning victory over a visiting Afrikaans blue belt from the Boland. It wasn’t xenophobic though. Technically, he was allowed to attack him, that’s what they were there for.

On the way back, we detoured up Signal Hill and took pictures of mountains, sculptures and shipping. The Queen Mary 2 is in Cape Town until this evening, and she’s always worth a look see. The conditions were near perfect – ok, if anything, a little too bright – and we shot lots on our various devices: some of the results of which can be seen in this flickr album.

Go big and black here

Now, having filled the intervening period with painting the braai and mending the lawn (riveting stuff, I know), I’m off for a quick Everton v Burnley.

There may also be cold beer involved. And who could blame me?

The other Cape Town fog photo

While everyone is (rightly) sharing Anelia Loubser’s Cape Town fog photo from last night (that link from her Facebook profile), it seems that there was another individual on the Grassy Knoll we call Signal Hill.

His name is Mike Hutchings and here’s what made while he was there:

Which was published along with this one here. For me it’s a much better photo. Anelia’s looks rather clumsy and overexposed alongside this.
The longer exposure makes for gorgeous, smooth waves of fog and the tips of the harbour cranes are the icing on the cake. Wonderful.