The race

Lots to get done today, as we finally settle into the routine of the New Year, several (or more) days after most people have. But I also want to watch some football, so it’s been a case of racing around getting jobs done while there’s some electricity, and leaving the other non-electrical stuff until the power is out.

Talking of, there was this tweet, which has set social media ablaze:

Mpho Makwana being the Chairperson of the Eskom board.

As a rule of thumb, you can multiply the stage of loadshedding by two to work out the approximate number of hours you’ll be without power each day. What seems to be being suggested here is that we’ll be without power for four to six hours every day for until 2025.

And while I get the supposed “benefit” of the “predictability” aspect, even if this is implemented, there’s absolutely no guarantee that there won’t be higher stages than 2 or 3 at any time. And we just don’t know when those will be, because we can’t predict them. And that does kind of rule out the above “benefit”, almost immediately.

It seemingly also removes any actual benefit of lower stages of loadshedding being a possibility.

But this was just a tweet of an alleged quote made at a news conference (foolishly, too: no-one will remember a damn thing of the other important messages from the 2+ hour session), and there are plenty of ifs, buts and maybes to work through before it actually happens – if it ever does.
What it doesn’t say is this:

But then journalist Denene isn’t going to get her clicks without pretending that it does.

Let’s wait and see what happens.

UK media weather issues continue

Remember when we did this for 5FM DJ and snortbeast affectionado Stephanie Be?

Well, in another example for our already full-to-bursting “shit journalism” archives, the UK gutter press are at it again. Anything for a story, never mind what they said a couple of days ago.

sun1    sun2
I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations, and I make that 62 hours and 29 minutes between tweets. And they say that the weather changes quickly in Cape Town…

Utterly shameless.

No, really. I give up.

After my “I Give Up” outburst this morning on the futility (or “fruitility“, lol) of attempting to avoid depressing news, I have actually decided to give up. Really, absolutely and unequivocally.

Because even when the news isn’t depressing, it’s just stupid.

This story, from a the website of a South African national newspaper refers:

Woman seeks Satan in New Zealand

Ooh, sounds intriguing, right? Yep. That’s what drew me in too.
But then:

Lauren Thompson wants the bringer of evil and temptation to come home.

New Zealand’s The Timaru Herald reports that Thompson has been pounding the streets trying to find her black cat, Satan. According to Thompson the cat lives up to the name her daughter gave it, being a “a little bit of a psycho” before he was neutered.

“When you see him, he could not have any other name,” Thompson said.
This is the first time the cat has left home since Thompson moved to Timaru three months ago.

“Hopefully he hasn’t tried to go back to Auckland,” she said.

Right, so a woman has lost her cat in a small town in New Zealand. OK…

But wait, there’s more…

No. Actually there isn’t more. That’s it.
A woman has lost her cat in a small town in New Zealand.
And that’s made the national news in South Africa because… I’ve absolutely no idea.

Earlier this morning, I thought that news generally had reached a new all time low. And it had.
I also thought that it probably couldn’t sink any lower.

I was wrong.