Day 220 – Death by beach run

With the moon so full, the tides are fairly hefty at the moment and so we decided to make use of low water this morning to head down to the shipwreck. I decided that I’d combine this with a morning run, and meet the rest of the family there. It’s not too far – just over 3km on the road, so I decided to make a five of it by doing a couple of laps of the village and then heading down there via the coast.

The laps around the village went very well. Fast, fun and happy on the dirt roads. And then I went around the corner onto the beach – and into the 50kph headwind.

Eina. Ouch. Aïe. Huy. Autsch. Ey.

The combination of beach sand, pebbles, that southeasterly wind and yes, some (or more) beers yesterday evening, has actually killed me. Dead.

However, when what remained of me did eventually reach the shipwreck, it was all worth it. The kids had a climb and it was great to be out and about in the (very) fresh air and sunshine.

If you can find somewhere out of the wind, it’s a glorious day. It’s just sad that we’re heading back to Cape Town and reality again in a couple of hours.

But this wasn’t a bad start to the day at all.


I still can’t feel my legs.

Photo gemors

Gemors being Afrikaans for a mess. Because that’s what I can like to be in with my photos right now.

The photos from last weekend still aren’t done. I just haven’t had chance. When I did have chance, I was away taking more photos in a place with no computer. And now I’m all mixed up, because some of the photos from this weekend are done. That’s because there are far fewer of them, so I just grabbed a couple (well, five) of the shipwreck ones and did a quick tidy up on them.

I took these with the Mavic this morning – the wreck is the Meisho Maru 38, and it lies on the coast halfway between L’Agulhas and Suiderstrand.
We’ve mentioned it here before, and we’ve mentioned why it has some of the name it has… well… it had, here.

But now my (usually very orderly) photostream on Flickr is all messed up.
I will edit those photos from last weekend and the rest of them from this weekend in the very near future.

UPDATE: You can start here!

50 years ago today…

As a powerful cold front with gale force northwesterly winds hits Cape Town again, here’s a flashback to 50 years ago when the same thing happened and the 156m long, 8100 tonne SS Seafarer, en route from Glasgow to Beira, ran aground at Mouille Point in Cape Town.


Yes, just like that.

Seafarer was carrying a cargo of highly dangerous tetra-ethyl-lead and 12 passengers. She was advised to stay outside but decided to enter Cape Town Harbour in rough weather and ran aground off Green Point.


Fortunately, all the crew and passengers were rescued by helicopter after attempts to get a rocket line from the shore failed.

She broke her back and became a constructive total loss. She was broken up in situ.

As I have previously mentioned, my mother-in-law, living in Mouille Point at the time, was one of the crowd which gathered to watch the developments and is likely one of the people you can see in the photo above.

History, hey? It’s closer than you think.

Weekend Flickr Set (with free octopus)

More quota photos than quota photo, here are the pics from a pretty cool forty hours down in Agulhas, all contained neatly in their very own flickr set:

This flycatcher(?), singing us back up from a walk on the beach this morning is probably my favourite photo (bigger here), but shipwrecks, a giant starfish, an epic sunset (as mentioned here), some mice, plenty of fun on the beach – and yes – an octopus in a rock pool (seriously), will have to compete with one another for top spot in the memories category.