Sheffield Tribune

I was nodded in this direction on the advice of The Guru. And he’s done a good job (again).

It’s The Sheffield Tribune.

A disproportionate amount of my UK readers are from in or around the Sheffield area, so maybe this is of more use that you think.

Welcome to The Tribune – Sheffield’s new independent quality newspaper, delivered via email.

We publish thoughtful, in-depth stories about the region’s politics, business, culture, history and local people. Plus our free Monday Briefings keep you informed about all the Sheffield stories you need to know, plus lots of great recommendations for things to do and read.

The Tribune is a brand new venture, started in 2021 by local journalist Dan Hayes to provide a totally different kind of local journalism — one that doesn’t chase cheap clicks and doesn’t cover stories in horrible ads. Instead of pumping out dozens of stories every day, we pick a handful of topics each week and look into them properly, giving you the insight and context you need to understand what is really going on.

Yes. To compare the reading experience with the ad-filled pages of the Sheffield Star:

there’s a story in there somewhere…

…and it is chalk and cheese. And it does seem that there are some high quality stories there too. Interesting, quirky, informative stories.

Like Southern people discovering how great The North is. Who knew?

We all knew.

Anyway, if you’re interested, give it a go on that link above. There are many different paid subscriptions available, but maybe give the free stuff a go first and see how you get on.