Think of me.

Today is school fête day. It’s Founders Day and it’s the school’s 20th anniversary, so they’re quite rightly pushing the boat out a bit. I’m helping to run the Scone Stall. I’m happy to be part of the celebration.

A quick aside: Do you say scone or scone?
I know that a lot of people say scone, but I was brought up saying scone.

I think either way works. We’ll manage.

We have a million* scones (scones?) in our kitchen ready to go. I bought loads of squirty cream last night and the cashier nodded at me knowingly and winked as she wished me a pleasant evening. I guess that she’s probably a huge scone (scone?) fan too.

Scones (scones?) are an essential part of any school fête day.
It’s a tradition. It’ll be great.

There’s just one problem. This:

I’m going to be standing outside in this ridiculous heat. (But at least we’re not in Vredendal, hey?)
35°C is not conducive to scone (scone?) purchase and eating. But the soft drinks stall is going make a KILLING. (Not literally.)

And my squirty cream is going to go floppy.

Think of me. Please.


* only a slight exaggeration.