Overview: A New Perspective of Earth by Benjamin Grant contains more than 200 aerial images of industry, agriculture, architecture, and nature, featuring:

…breathtaking, high-definition satellite photographs of Earth and revealing man’s impact on our planet.

Yes, it’s amazing what a different perspective can offer. And looking down at things from a great height is certainly a different perspective for most of us.

For example, who would have thought that Antwerp giraffe sanctuary container port could look so pretty from a long way up?


Or that the 2,650 heliostat mirrors of the bird-frying Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant in Seville, Spain would look quite so… swirly when viewed from significant altitude?


Apologies for those massive images, but when you’ve got a blog post which is primarily about amazing images and when your blog has been recently optimised (in part) to facilitate massive images, it seemed foolish not to just go for it. ‘Sorry, not sorry’, then.

More pictures of stuff taken from a long way up here (or in the book, obviously).