Cast In Steel

Told you.
One more brand new album. One more world tour.

It’s out on 4th September this year. *begins trembling with mounting anticipation*

The return came about in a simple, organic way, as Paul explains: “it started off very easy and low-key with Morten dropping by my studio at various occasions, and I would show him songs that I was working on. He would sing on the songs he felt a connection with and leave the ones that didn’t and it just went like that until we had done 10 or 12 songs.”

The lack of pressure and deadlines was definitely a bonus, and reminded Paul of when the band first started out: “The beauty of it was that we could do this totally under the radar; there were no deals in place, no contracts, tours planned or deadlines looming … just our shadow endeavours. It was back to exactly how we started in my parents cabin way back when in the 80s. Some instruments, a song, a voice.”

Morten makes it clear that “we are not getting back to stay together. We’ve agreed to come back for a set period: one album, one tour. It’s a great opportunity and allows us to write another chapter.”

I need to be there for this one. I need to make a plan after last time.

Link to press release to follow Here’s a copy of it – the website appears to be struggling with high demand right now.

We Need To Put The Band Back Together

OhEmmGee. I’m excited.
This is some amazing news to wake up to on a dreary autumn morning in Cape Town.

It looks like a-ha are getting back together.


Says Dagbladet:

A-ha gjenforenes og lager nye låter
Nøyer seg ikke med Rio-konsert, og har forpliktet seg til minst to år sammen.

Their one-off 30th anniversary Rio concert proved not to be enough and they’re now recommitting to at least another 2 years together:

In December 2010, A-ha ceased to exist as a band. They gave up on top. It was not intended that they should be reunited, but now it happens anyway.
Dagbladet journalist and author of A-ha biography “The Swing of Things”, Jan Omdahl, predicted only a year after the dissolution that we could prepare ourselves for a comeback – probably within five years. Now he has met them, and Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktar Savoy has given his first interview as a band since they let up for nearly five years ago. A-ha are making a comeback.

I’m excited. Very, very excited. Look out for the press conference in Berlin on Wednesday…

Did I mention how excited I am? Because I am.