Day 654 – Mini Road Trip


We’re off on a mini road trip (MRT) today. Because it has been so hot in Cape town, we’ve decided to head inland, where the temperatures are… I… hang on… oh… oh crap.
I think we might have read this wrong. Apparently it gets even hotter inland.

Seriaas?!? Even hotter than this, today (which was yesterday, as I said)?

We might die.

Yeah, I’m not quite sure what we were thinking. But we are staying on a wine and olive farm and there are pubs and bars very nearby. We’ll make the best of it by drinking cold beer, sitting by the pool and doing our best impressions of crispy bacon.

We will survive.

The only possible relief from this temperature-related nastiness might be the rain forecast for tomorrow (which is today, because see above). But who wants epic thunderstorms if you’re going to get crushing humidity and 38C?

Me. I want that.

Because at least it’s a step down from the what they’re seeing out there today (which – thankfully – as mentioned above, was yesterday):

Ah Jesus…

Watch out on Instagram for updates (possibly including some from the local medical services).