Photo fuss

A couple of my photos from the “Wet Weekend” set seem to have caused a bit of a stir, which is nice.

I’m referring to Patio Splashes:

and his singular brother, Patio Splash.

They were the result of some playing around with various settings (Exposure 0.001sec (1/1300), Aperture f/5.0, Focal length 26.7mm), while lying on my stomach in wet sand. In the rain.
I’m not claiming that they’re brilliant, but they certainly mark a step forward for me, if not a huge leap for my t-shirt.

I’m really enjoying my “new” camera, even if I am still only able to use about 10% of its functions. However, since my dad has now also bought himself one (on my recommendation), there is added impetus to learn. Because obviously, there will be no competition to see who can get the better photographs. Obviously.