What time do the Kenilworth station booms close?

Well, fairly regularly, actually. Whenever a train comes through Kenilworth station.

But during the rush hours, they are closed for prolonged periods of time, otherwise they’d be up and down like a bunny rabbit’s bottom in the springtime. The trouble is, no-one can really remember at what times these prolonged periods are. And then, you chance it and you get stuck for an hour or more. Unless you’re good at three point turns.

Thus, people have been requesting some sort of reference post on here (similar in nature to the SARS minus number post) and finally, I have decided to deliver.


There’s the aging sign at the top of Kenilworth Road – which you drive pass too quickly to read and where they should actually have a big electronic thing telling you when the booms are closed – and here’s what it says:

MON-FRI 06:20 TO 08:30 AND 17:00 TO 18:15

So there you have it.

I’ll be honest, this post is as much for me as it is for anyone else, because I have a huge mental block over this. But while the topical posts on 6000 miles… occasionally do really well for a while, but soon disappear off the stat radar, the reference ones continue to slowly get hits, which tells me that while it might be a bit dull, it’s still stuff that people do want to know.