Day 255 – School reports

I allow myself one of these posts each year. I don’t think of it as showing off: MMIRIM, and these are the sort of posts that will make me smile when I’d old(er) and grey(er).

2020 has been the weirdest and most difficult school year I’ve ever known.

Instantly, I’m reminded of this classic Simpsons moment:

Ok, so maybe 2020 has been the weirdest and most difficult school year I’ve ever known… so far.


And yet, despite the adversity and the challenges, our kids have shone through – lockdown learning and all – and I’m just amazed at all the things they’ve achieved: both at school and in their extracurricular pursuits.

In no particular order:

We’ve had A* grades in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and ICT.
We’ve had a distinction in Music.
There was a Gold Merit Award.
There were Scroll Awards for Cultural and Academic achievement.
She flew through her Grade 3 Vocal exam – submitted to London by video – with a score of 86%.
He captained his Scout team to winning the Upton Shield for his Troop – only the second time they’ve won it in 112 years.

They’ve had some wonderful support from their school, their teachers, their Scout leaders, and their peers. And from their parents, of course. (Of course…) But they’ve adapted so well to this weird, new world and they have actually thrived.

I allow myself one of these posts each year.
But given the situation this time around, I feel especially proud.


School’s Out For Summer. So sang the less-attractive-than-you-might-think female vocalist, Alice Cooper.

It’s been a long, long year, with highs and lows throughout, but (and staan terug because this is one of those proud dad posts) I’m a very proud dad today. Again.

Earlier in the week at the primary school prize-giving, our daughter got awards for her academic performance and overall effort. Add this to a Grade 2 singing exam triumph and a ‘best in the category’ Eisteddfod performance earlier in the year and she’s done really well.

And then today, the boy, fresh from representing the school at the Regional and International Science Fairs, came out with certificates for effort in Maths, improvement in History, Art and Design & Technology and excellence in ICT. He’s done brilliantly, especially after a little dip in term 2.

And just in the last few minutes, I’ve received a faultless end of year report for the girl and right now, I’m feeling pretty good about what we’ve raised here.

I’m looking forward to more academic (and other) successes next year, but first – finally – I think they’re both due a well-deserved holiday.

To all new arrivals…


Big news from a stormy Cape Town is the arrival (at long last) of little Kristen Georgia.

Weighing in at 3.48kg (that’s 7lb 9½ozs for you old school people), she arrived in a flurry of pushing and deep breathing at 1415 CAT this afternoon. And her mum did some stuff as well.

Mother and baby both doing extraordinarily well. More photos to follow, but you might like to start here.

It’s cool to be a dad. But it’s pretty tiring too. I’ll tell you more when I get a spare moment. (I’m guessing that’ll be about 2013 and I don’t mean quarter past eight).   


Many thanks to all of you who have sent good wishes from all over the world by sms, phone or email. We will endeavour to respond personally to each of you once things have calmed down just a little.