Day 357 – B&A

Well, it’s taken a while, but here they are: The Before and After photos of our pool.

This wasn’t a thing we wanted to have done, and other jobs that we did want to have done have now had to be postponed because of deep shortfall in cold, hard cash, but there were so many fibreglass particles in the water that the pool was unusable (unless you really liked itching for 12 hours afterwards). And swallowing it? Well, you don’t do that with swimming pools.

But now it’s done and it actually looks pretty good, I think.
Hang on, I’m going to see if I can get this image comparison tool I’ve just found, working…

In my defence, I didn’t even know that it was a thing I could do when I started writing this post, let alone when I took the photos.

So let’s do it this way instead:

The chlorinator was installed yesterday, and this morning, some nice men came and chucked lots of baking soda and 150kg of salt into the water. Now we just need a few more nice days before summer deserts us completely to warm the damn thing up, because it’s quite chilly at the moment.

And yes, I know that I cheated by taking one image on a rubbish grey day and one with the gorgeous sunshine glinting through the pristine water, but that’s how all before and after images work. And I really paid for it in demonstrating the lack of dynamic range of my phone camera [sad trombone].

Day 348 – Pool

We’re having some work done on the pool today. Actually quite a lot of work. The whole thing is being resurfaced. Just another expense that we weren’t anticipating when we moved here.

It might not seem like an important thing, but the old pool surface was wearing thin and was cracked and damaged. Not only did this mean that it was very likely to start leaking at some point in the very near future, it also made it wholly unusable because there were microscopic fragments of fibreglass floating about in the water and that can (quite literally) be quite irritating.

Itchy. Very itchy.

The work on the pool today started early: just after 7am. We’ve had to apologise to our new neighbours for the rather noisy, early start. The problem is that working outdoors in Cape Town in early March wouldn’t usually be a problem weather-wise, but there is an unseasonal cold front on the way in later today. Ideally, you’d want completely dry and windless conditions to resurface a pool, and so they’re rushing to finish a bit ahead of the forecast rain this evening. It is already blowing a gale though, but I guess we’re just choosing to overlook that inconvenience.


Between gusts, there’s a heady mix of volatile solvents drifting around the property. I can literally float to the kitchen to grab a coffee, but I daren’t light the gas while I’m there, such is the likely flammability of the air here right now. And I wouldn’t want to upset all the little pixies riding their unicorns around in the living room.

Jeez, that stuff is strong.

I’ll give you a before and after at some stage soon. Of the pool, not the pixies.

Turgid Sausage

Careful now.

On the weekend, I bought some flat plastic tubing from local DIY Superstore Builders Whorehouse (Thanks, H). It cost at R18 a metre. That did seem a bit steep, but Builders isn’t exactly known for its great value.

I attached the flat plastic tubing to the bottom of various drainpipes around the house and positioned the other ends into the garden or the pool.

And, thanks to last night’s brief, thundery downpour, I was rewarded with several (or more) litres of fresh rainwater in a turgid sausage.

All of that (and the contents of the other sausages) would have been lost down the drain. But because of this somewhat serpentine intervention, we’ll now be able to use the pool for an extra 9 minutes this summer.



Bit of a weird one this evening. I’ve brought the family out to the cottage down in Agulhas, while Mrs 6k has stayed in Cape Town (for logistical reasons). So I have kids and grandparents (the kids’, not mine) to look after and entertain, while the wife rattles around the Cape Town house all alone.

It’s a weird one for her as well, the first time she’s had the house completely to herself… well… ever, really.
I thought that I should give her a call to check that everything was ok, only to find that she was floating around the pool on her lilo and drinking cider. I took that as a yes.
Of course, she can do that when the rest of the family are at home too, but it seems that she actually enjoys not being divebombed by the kids and tipped into the water (also… er… by the kids *cough*) every few seconds.

Who knew?