Chris’ PoA sky & lighthouse p0rn

You know me, dear reader.
I like lighthouses.
And pretty skies.
And the Isle of Man.
And other people’s photos.

If only someone could combine all of those thi… OMG! – Chris Wormwell has only gone and done it!

And I’m unapologetically leaving it large.


That’s the Point of Ayre Lighthouse (you may remember it from posts such as this) right at the very Northern tip of the Isle of Man. But look at that light, look at that sky, look at those colours, check out the composition.
Absolutely stunning.

My goodness.

One day, I will be able to take photographs like this.
Until then, I will continue to borrow the ones that Chris takes.

Here it is – big and on black – on Chris’ Flickr stream.

Point of Ayre

Busy day today. Busy evening ahead too, with LCHF being thrown to the wind as I head out with the boys for beer, banter, burgers and alliteration.

So just time for a quick QP. This one is another gem from Peter Killey of

It’s the red and white lighthouse at the Point of Ayre in the Isle of Man – the most northerly point on the island. Red and white because there’s nothing directly behind it, so the contrasting colours make is more visible during the day, much like the Cape Agulhas lighthouse, which also has very little directly behind it.

Do we still need lighthouses? Well, the people who look after our lighthouses think so, otherwise there would be no value in spending a lot of money refurbishing them. The (probably not ever so impartial) warns that an over-reliance on electronic aids and a poor visual lookout can still result in disaster – even in the 21st Century, although the line:

Actually, the presence or absence of the lighthouse made no difference in this case.

probably detracts from his case somewhat.