Day 314 – Lockdown Pi

It’s the closest we’re going to get to Pi during lockdown.

Well, unless we’re still going on Day 3142.
I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations, and that would be the 1st November 2028.

What a ghastly thought. Still – could be worse*:

On a more positive note, I got a lot of jobs done this morning and was actually pleasantly surprised at the happy, smiling faces I encountered everywhere (ok, aside from the scary, shouty old man in PicknPay, but otherwise…).

Given the state of things at the moment (unpretty) and the state of the customer service industries here in SA, it was genuinely weird to have retail staff actively wanting to assist me and doing it in such a friendly manner.

Long may it continue.


* and indeed, it actually is worse because the beagle has got the farts again today 

Pi Day Fly Day

It’s Pi Day, (because it’s the 14th March, or 14/3, or 3.14 in the American notation). This is clearly not the South African way of doing things. However, on this occasion, I’m willing to overlook this US-based nonsense in the name of education. The school has based an entire Maths Week around today – “It’s all about Maths and Fun” (so clearly not big on Venn diagrams, then) – and it’s been an excellent learning experience for all the kids.

I was asked to help out today with ‘togging one of the events: namely a Pi on the field, made up of all the classes in the keystage, and I was only too happy to help. Here’s one of the lower altitude photos I took:

Obviously, I used the drone: my tripod wouldn’t extend to the required height for even this relatively low level shot.

The students were very patient (although the process really didn’t take very long, thanks to some fantastic organisation), but this is one of those things that won’t mean anything to them until they see the photos, which is why I hurried through the editing as soon as I got home and got them back to the teachers in time for them to see what they were part of today.

Tomorrow: Maths Week Dress Up Day!

Also tomorrow for those wondering: March’s 6000 miles… crossword.