Party time

You’re probably here looking for photographs of regular 6000 miles… reader Robyn’s 40th birthday party, and who am I to disappoint?

You’ll want to have a look at this flickr set. You are, of course, welcome to help yourself to any snaps you want.

You may note that the quality of the images decreases steadily as more tequila is added to the photographer. This all happened on Saturday evening. Sunday was understandably unpretty.

While it was a awesome party and a damn good night out, I can’t help but pop in a mention for Goodfella’s, who turned up at the wrong place at the wrong time, couldn’t find us and actually asked us to drive to meet them. Much comment on twitter about how we should be using 1ForTheRoad – we’ll be looking into that. And Mrs 6000 will be looking into cancelling the expensive corporate account she manages with Goodfellas.

Fishhoek view

Wow. Some party. Drunkenness, loud music, wigs galore.
And this view across Fishhoek bay when you took a little time out in the cool evening air.

There are other photos, of course, most (if not all) of which will mean more to those present on Saturday night. Don’t you hate the way that flash photography makes it look like there’s absolutely no atmosphere? There was plenty. I didn’t even realise that the dance floor was concrete until I looked at the photos. No wonder my feet hurt.
But anyway, you’re more than welcome to go and have a quick look and see if you recognise anyone. This being Cape Town ‘n all. [note: I was going to put a link to my “Cape Town is a very small world” post here, but I cannot find that post, despite searching for all the seemingly relevant terms. Hint: There’s very little point using the words “Cape Town” to search for anything on this blog.]
Scratch that – found it!

Bed at 2, kids awake at 5:45, spend day in soporific stupor (yes, even more so than usual).

Such is the life of a partying parent…


Ah – the ninth of July.

It was on this day, seven years ago, that I popped the question to the (now) Mrs 6000. We were on a mercy dash to Pick n Pay in Hermanus at the time (although it was actually far more romantic that it actually sounds) (the proposal, not the supermarket).

The upshot of it all was a tearful “yes”, and we still made it in time to get braaivleis and wine (some of which sparkled) for the evening ahead.

Tonight we’re off to the sleepy hollow of Fishhoek to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Fabric Lady. For some reason best known to individuals other than me, it seems that I will be wearing a ridiculously large purple afro wig for the duration of the party.

Happy days.


Life changes when you become a parent. The word “party” used to mean something entirely different.
Something about beer and more beer, and a kebab trampled into the carpet.
Now it means kids and more kids, and cake trampled into the carpet.

But it’s still easily as much fun.

The magician/entertainer we hired for Alex’s 4th birthday party was “Crazy” Colin Underwood and comes highly, highly recommended if you’re looking for something a bit different for a child’s party or corporate event. He was brilliant and entertained the kids and adults alike for almost an hour.

I’ll get some pics up onto flickr sometime over the weekend, but as you might imagine – having had a house full of 20 four year old kids and all the cake trampling that goes with it – we’re pretty knackered right now