Day 308 – Are we nearly there yet?

2½ weeks.

2½ weeks to pack up a whole house.

It doesn’t seem such a big job, and indeed it probably wouldn’t be if there weren’t other things which also needed doing during that 2½ weeks. But there’s parenting, schooling (back full-time next week, nogal), riding, Dodgeball, piano and singing.
There’s dog walking, exercise, work, football (on the TV, at least), there’s blogging and there are the daily mundanities of life which still need to be happening alongside the packing up of the whole house.

I’m now at the point where I’m fairly sure that there’s stuff which I won’t need in the intervening 2½ weeks and which I can therefore chuck into in boxes, ready to go. There will be things which I have packed which I will need, but when I realise this, I will just have to curse quietly under my breath and pretend that I can manage without them.

Almost sorted the internet connection for the new place.
Almost sorted the inspection certificates for this place.
Managed my fastest run for a while this morning (still very slow).
Wine shop and bottle store down the road seem to be prepping to reopen.

Ready to go

Today was the last free day we had before our trip away. There are a few more days before we go, but they’re not free. They have annoying stuff like lab work and spreadsheets lying in wait for me. And potentially a report waiting to leap out from behind a Tuesday afternoon and be dealt with.

So, obviously, we sorted everything out for our trip today.
It being our last free day.

No. No, we didn’t.

Instead of that, we sat outside in the sun with friends and discussed fracking, Theresa May and the ridiculous price of private education in South Africa. The conversation was lubricated by several (or more) bottles of wine, a couple of Bloody Noras* and (perhaps to a lesser degree) by some non-alcoholic gin and tonics. Mmm. I know.

For the record, I regret nothing – except maybe the G&T thing.

Anyway, consequently, there will be some panic this week. Hopefully not too much, but it would be foolish to not take the opportunity to worry a bit.

And I know all about not taking opportunities.


* A Bloody Nora is like a Bloody Mary,  but made with Henderson’s Relish.