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It’s Friday, and in an attempt to get through to the tea break before anyone else, Andrew Harding is in the courtroom early today and he’s brought his musical analogy collection with him:

  Andrew has his eye on Barry Roux:

He’s “writing furiously by the looks of it”? Why “by the looks of it”? What else do you think he might be doing?
How can the action of “writing furiously” at a desk in a courtroom be mistaken for anything else?
What other task might he be carrying out that may lead you have even a semblance of doubt that he was not writing, furiously?
I put it to you that if he is sitting at a desk, in a courtroom, with a pen in his hand, moving it furiously over some paper, then it’s highly unlikely that he’s sowing radishes or piloting an Airbus A380.
He’s writing, isn’t he? Furiously.

By the looks of it, anyway.


What an odd emotion for him to be showing, given the circumstances.
But at least he’s not tired today:


But exhaustion is obviously affecting some people. Look at this tired attempt at humour:

“I’m here all week. Try the veal.”


But then there were no more week and they were gone. And, quite possibly, so is this series.

Pending an appeal, anyway.

PistoriusBalls 18

Summing up, and thus we’re getting towards pretty much the last chance for the journos in the court to come up with The Quote or The Soundbite which will be The Title of The Book about The Trial.

On Nel’s Effects:

The BBC have gone with “Mosaic”:

Sky, with “Snowball”:

And SA’s ECR with “Domino”:


Meanwhile, back in 1994:


The competition as to who will be the first to tweet the tea break announcement is as tight as ev… oh, no, it’s reigning champion Andrew Harding as usual:


And this simply can’t be true.
I’m pretty sure the judge would not allow him to do either of these things in court:

“Mr Nel, would you please keep your voice down and remove yourself from that state witness.
At once!”

Pistoriusballs Flash

INCISIVE: As #OscarTrial returns, and with only limited time to play with before she returns to the mundane issues of Ebola, genocide and terrorism, everyone’s second favourite Sky News crowdpleaser Alex Crawford gave us this absolute gem, worthy of a post of its own:

Aren’t we all, Alex? Aren’t we all?