AppealBalls 1

Do you remember the now infamous PistoriusBalls series? Some people thought it was all over, and it was then. But suddenly the State decided that actually, possibly, maybe they could swing a murder verdict, and thus there was an appeal. And with that appeal…. came AppealBalls!

Step forward… Alex Crawford, *polite applause* with her astute observation:

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 100339 AM.bmp

Well, quite astute observation…

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 095614 AM.bmp

Dude looks like a Lady! Except… you know, the other way around.

Also back… please welcome… Aislinn Laing! *rapturous cheering*

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 101442 AM.bmp

This tweet works best if you embellish it just  a little and imagine it being said in a 1940’s New York private detective voice:

The doll was in the restroom when he filled her full of lead. Pistorius was once famous in South Africa for his athletic prowess. Now it’s for a devastating criminal act. I don’t usually take cases involving famous people. No private eye needs that kinda attention. But line him up in front of the district attorney and a stenographer and he could soon make dusty case law.

Mandy’s still around, too:

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 110815 AM.bmp

Or what gender they identify as, hey Alex?

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 012415 PM.bmp

Thanks be to she who invokes Homer Simpson. Because yes, it’s definitely time for a beer.

PistoriusBalls Special

Sentencing is complete and I was going to let it lie, but this just cried out for PistoriusBalls recognition and seemed a fitting way to end the series.

Important information. Great counting. Unique angle.

PistoriusBalls Gold.

I’ve Been Bad

Some vague reference to the all-dominating Oscar Pistorius trial, maybe? If so, I assure you that it was only done subconsciously.

Herewith Zebra & Giraffe’s latest offering – you may recognise them from posts such as A to Z and In My Eyes and such Flickr sets as er… this one.

I think you’d be hard pressed to deny that there are Depeche Modey elements in there. Like the baritone Greg Carlin as Dave Gahan in those opening bars- yes? And there’s no disrespect there, because there are very few bands that can reasonably be compared to those sort of heights.

Great stuff from a band that I was worried had lost their way a bit.

PistoriusBalls 20

Verdict time, and it’s all about who can get some last minute self publicity for their woefully unprofessional unique take on the Oscar Pistorius trial. Early contender, Rebecca “Moar Whimsy” Davis is contending early with this, from just 12 minutes in:


While legendary Oscar veteran Barry Bateman is already blowing things up out of all proportion:  


Brett Kebble expert, Mandy Wiener is well known for leaving no detail unrecorded:

I’ll save you the minutia about Judge Masipa’s breathing habits. For the moment.


Meanwhile, how would you describe the courtroom?

Thus, what follows is a damning slur on the Durban curry industry generally. Although, there’s probably a market out there for thick and sweaty curries. Maybe.


There’s just time for a little bit MOAR WHIMSY!!!!


And we had to slip this “most bizarre tweet of the trial” tweet in:

Tomorrow, thanks to that early ajourney: maybe Bonus Balls!

Pistoriusballs Flash

INCISIVE: As #OscarTrial returns, and with only limited time to play with before she returns to the mundane issues of Ebola, genocide and terrorism, everyone’s second favourite Sky News crowdpleaser Alex Crawford gave us this absolute gem, worthy of a post of its own:

Aren’t we all, Alex? Aren’t we all?