Grown Men Singing Lady Gaga

Seriously – from Facebook via Mrs 6000:

Yes, I am aware that this isn’t new (like 7.5 million YouTube hits old), but thanks to my Google Chrome Lady Gaga filter, it’s new to me. Sadly, Mrs 6000’s laptop still runs IE8 and so this made it through to her with no issue. She then shared it with me.
Thanks for that.

A small amount of detective work (Google) revealed that this comes from the 2010 repertoire of the University of Oregon’s A cappella group “On The Rocks“. And while the music might not be to my taste, the talent and the performance are pretty impressive.

On the rocks

On the rocks, originally uploaded by Ballacorkish.

On the rocks in more ways than one.
I have been suffering with horrendous stomach ache today and it’s because of this that you’re only getting a quota photo this evening.
I am putting it down mainly to last night’s prawn madras: at least the combination of that and the beer and brandy.
Add to that the [few] hours sleep I managed and it’s a recipe for disaster.
The rest of the Boulders photos can be found here. And jolly nice some of them are, too.

More tomorrow, should I last that long.