Day 238, part 2 – An interesting day

Interesting for starters because of the fact that you’re probably wondering what happened to Day 238, part 1.

Well, paradoxically, while that’s written and saved on the back end of the blog right here, I haven’t published it yet, because it could be detrimental to events in real life and so I’m saving it until everything is done, dusted and… and… something else beginning with D.

I’ll let you know.

You may remember that I was struggling a little yesterday having endured a night of insomnia. Well, I took a little tablet last night and slept very soundly indeed, thank you very much. Less good were the continued effects of the dosage until about 11 this morning, because I had a real day to get through. Still, it appears that I have managed to survive and the afternoon even went rather well. There’s big news that I can’t quite share yet.

I know – that’s already two things I can’t tell you about, which is a bit crap. There might be more than two, but I can’t recall very much about this morning, I’m afraid.

We’ll get there, I promise.

Sadly, given the trials and tribulations of the last few days, I haven’t really got around to checking in on the latest on the virus or the local (or even international) news. I have a vaccine post planned for the near future and after today’s events (see above) (or rather don’t) there’s suddenly every chance that I might now have the time to write it.

Right, enough of this cryptic crap. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully something rather better and more entertaining than this drivel. Thanks for staying with it this long.
Or commiserations – whichever.


No-one is reading anyway

I’m busy, and I’ve not had chance to blog yet today. There was a visit to the knee doc (but more of that later), there was a lot of lab work, there was other stuff.

Now it’s lunchtime and it’s become evident that no-one has been bothered to look at this morning at all.

I put this down to the fact that the political news has been moving at a breakneck speed here in SA, and people are choosing to try to keep up with that rather than keep up with their favourite blog.

Fair enough…

Wait… what?

But if you’re not going to read, I don’t see why I should waste my time writing.

Shall we try again tomorrow once he’s gone? [audience laughs]

What? It might happen.
This country never fails to amaze me (not always for the right reasons) (but still…).

The good, the bad and…

… and actually that’s it. What on earth were you expecting?

It’s been a busy weekend, Chez 6000. Loads of little niggly jobs got done, which was great, but niggly.

What’s left of the garden (remember those water restrictions?) got a bit of much-needed attention. It’s looking good (ish) all things considered.

We planted a lemon tree, because when life gives you a lemon tree, you… plant it. Especially as it’s not very water wise, so there will be nothing to make lemonade out of anyway.

United scraped home against a 9-man Shrewsbury Town. Eish.

We braai’ed and, as is usual when we braai, I drank ever so slightly too much red wine.

I’m going to order a drone tomorrow. I think the pain of Lily needs to be exorcised.

Slow News Day?

When there’s not much serious news around (or maybe when there is, but you can’t bring yourself to face up to it (see the opening lines of yesterday’s post)), you end up getting stories like this:

Fullscreen capture 2016-01-08 123344 PM.bmpI have to say that for this to have made the national press in the UK, someone must have been trying very hard (no pun intended) to avoid anything to do with politics, the economy or ISIS, because it only really looks a bit like a PENIS. In my humble opinion, anyway. Limited experience. And stuff. Perhaps see a doctor if yours looks like that. I dunno. We move on.

Of course, Cape Town is far less racy than Northampton. No news site here is going to share images of cuts of meat which vaguely resemble male genitalia. No, when we’re avoiding real issues, we talk about the stiff breeze blowing through the Mother City yesterday, with what might just be the biggest non-“news” story ever:

Fullscreen capture 2016-01-08 124210 PM.bmp

Yes, sights/sites.

But basically:

Some people come to Cape Town CBD.
It’s rather windy.
They’d rather it wasn’t.
Soon it won’t be.

Behold the excitement.

It’s almost enough to drive you back to all the dramas of the real world.
Maybe that’s the idea.

Two front teeth

Meanwhile in the Isle of Man…
Things move slowly here. It’s like Cape Town slow and then some. Let me enlighten you as to the current to story over here on the IOMtoday website:

Police are requesting for information regarding an assault which occurred in Willaston at around 11:30pm on Saturday.

Officers want to speak with a man who is described as being in his early 20s, about 6ft in height, with light brown/blond hair in a messy style and is missing both two upper front teeth. He was wearing light blue denim jeans and shirt at the time.

Anyone with information as to the man’s identity is asked to contact Douglas police headquarters on 631212 or call Isle of Man Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

The Cape Town connection in that description wasn’t lost on me. The only thing they don’t state is whether the teeth were present before the incident in question.
I’m also well aware that I am about 6ft in height (bit more actually) with light brown/blond hair in a messy style. Having just checked, however, my teeth are intact.