Cheaper coffee

Not a sponsored post.

Incoming from Nespresso (complete with Yuletide wreath graphic)(?).
“Something has changed”.

Obviously, I thought this was just duplicitous marketing to get me to go and visit their site and maybe buy some coffee. But when I went there to prove myself right… I was… well, I was wrong.

I can’t quite work out why, but Nespresso really have dropped their prices. Up to R20 off a sleeve of pods (that’s more than 22%) and a whole R200 off my usual INTENSE box. Wow.

As I said, I’m not sure what has prompted this unusual move, but I’m not complaining, because any extra cash in my wallet these days is very, very welcome.


Please leave your comments about how it’s still a rip off and how it isn’t “real coffee” in the box below. Thanks.