I miss my car park

This one. This one.


A last minute announcement of a last minute training session this evening, and so I get to go out to my car park one last time and enjoy two hours of low flying aircraft, a view (and smell) of the local oil refinery, and possibly a little doze in the car. And then back to loadshedding at home, our sixth cut in two days.
And we’ll get another three tomorrow. It’s very wearing.

The cold and wet weekend was full of beer, pizza and comfort food, and so I threw myself back into the gym this afternoon for an hour or so to try and make some small dent in the calorie count. I’m not sure that it’s done much good physically, but I feel a lot less guilty about those n beers on Saturday evening.

(Worryingly, n=8 in this particular instance. 4 whole litres of lagery goodness. Naughty naughty.)

It’s also been a productive day with a lot of jobs ticked off my to do list. Plenty more to get into tomorrow, but as I’ve mentioned, I might just chill out in my car park this evening.

EDIT: And I did.