Thinking About You

Well done to Goodluck for this wonderful cover of London Beat’s 1990 hit Thinking About You, and well done again for breaking the mould on the amazing video to go with it.

It’s all wholly implausible, of course. No one leaving Sea Point and heading out into the Cape wilderness to relive memories of a lost love would travel westbound along Rhodes Drive, would they?
And no-one jumping into a Cape farm dam under those sort of grey skies is going to be smiling. We’ve all tried that (albeit not necessarily with a couple of guys who look like they were probably once half of ABBA) and it’s simply TOO DAMN (no pun intended) COLD.
Perhaps a grimace, but certainly not the apparent joyful countenances that we see here.

No. It’s all just acting.
And I’m pretty sure survival blankets were involved at some point soon after the take.

More seriously though, congratulations to  all involved. It feels terrible to have to say this, but thank you for not going down the tried, tested and (sadly) commercially comfortable route of the “traditional” relationship music video.

It’s All The Same

Except that it actually isn’t. Because this here single marks an entirely new direction for Zebra & Giraffe, and it’s actually rather nice.

The new EP Slow Motion is semi-available now.

Many familiar places in this endearing, yet ultimately rather sad, railway-based video.
And some important lessons, too. Never open the book. The book is full of bad secrets you don’t want or need to know. You will only end up disappointed. And back drinking cheap red wine in a soulless bar in Beaufort West.

We’ve all been there.
(Through the heartbreak and upset of broken promises and lost love, I mean, not Beaufort West.)

Edit: Oh, apparently it was some soulless bar in Matjiesfontein. My bad. Still: It’s All The Same.