Day 362 – I don’t do movies

And I have no problem with that. It’s other people who seem to find it difficult to understand.

When someone tells me that they don’t watch football, I just let them get in with their lives without any fuss. Each to their own. None of my damn business how they choose to spend their valuable free time.
But wow, tell someone that you don’t like movies and it’s like you’ve just defecated on their granny’s portion of chicken casserole at the family dinner table.

We have covered this before.

Anyway, I was wandering through Facebook before bed last night and I found this, which describes a tactic I routinely use to prevent the expressions of horror and disgust when I tell people that I don’t do movies (and the granny’s dinner plate thing):

Well, of course there’s no list. You don’t make a list of things that you are never going to do.


And while I’m happy to defend my complete lack of interest at the latest Hollywood nonsense, it’s actually much easier to just pretend that yes, obviously I’m going to do something about getting around to watching Dave McActor in his latest role as Detective Sergeant Steve Platinum, the renegade cop who does things his own way and gets results.

When actually, what I actually going to do is to come home, watch a quiz show or two, write a blog post and have a brandy in front of the football.