Wedded bliss

We’re off to a wedding this afternoon. Attending weddings is becoming a more unusual pastime as most of our friends have already tied the knot already. In fact, I’ve had to have a scroll through Flickr to try and work out when the last one was.

It turns out that it was nearly two years ago at Morgansvlei near Tulbagh. The weather that day was superb and it looks like today’s events in Noordhoek will be equally sunny. It should be a great evening.

Incidentally, Mrs 6000 and I are not so far from our own 5 year anniversary. I mentioned this to a friend and he said that in that case, we were also not that far from the 7 year itch and we should watch out. I assured him that neither my wife nor I suffer from any chronic skin conditions and that he must be mistaken.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s nothing that a anti-histamine and a hefty dose of penicillin can’t sort out, right?

Perfect timing

Huge props to England’s cricketers who have timed their demise to perfection so that I can get the end of their Jo’burg ODI out of the way and flick straight to channel 203 for Fiorentina v Liverpool. At one point, it looked as though they were going to allow New Zealand to finish a bit early, but a quick session of skittles (5/27) and everything will be over at 2045.

It would be silly if I didn’t take advantage of their superb organisational skills, so I’ll drop a quick quota photo onto here…

…like this one taken at Morgansvlei, near Tulbagh – and head for the TV.