Dry Your Eyes

Remember those teenage heartbreak moments?

Mike Skinner remembers those teenage heartbreak moments. Brilliantly.

This made a surprise appearance on a random iPod playlist on the way to school the other day. This morning, I pulled up in the Keystage 1 car park to drop my 7-year-old off to the dulcet tones of the Wildhearts Caffeine Bomb.

Wakey Wakey.

If I remember correctly, those soaring Dry Your Eyes strings were from a royalty free sample CD which Skinner picked up from a car-boot sale. Unbelievabeagle.

Additionally, for proper trivia buffs, it’s Brisbane Road, the Leyton Orient football ground, that he’s sitting in.
I don’t know anything about the laundrette or the swimming pool. Sorry.

Spend Hours Here

You could literally spend hours on Mike Skinner’s Soundcloud page.
As with all things Skinner, tracks will come and go, but at the time of writing, I can’t get enough of this version of How We All Lie.


Some wonderful juxtaposition of hardcore electronica and simply-delivered lyrics. And because I have personally bought this version of the track, it can officially go in the 6000 recommends section of the blog.

How We All Lie

I spent yesterday afternoon in the lab listening to the trials and tribulations of Mike Skinner and The Streets on the A Grand Don’t Come For Free album. And that led me to thinking, what’s the latest from The D.O.T., his project with Rob Harvey (a partnership featured here and here)?

Well, here’s my answer:

A new single, a new album out this week and that great “camera toss” video.

Very nice indeed. This is on repeat.

Bad News: too good

Look, I mentioned this in passing yesterday, but it’s all I’ve been listening to since I first heard it, so I’m sharing the wealth and putting it on here. The ideal way to play out the end of a long week.

Mike Skinner seems to have discovered a new talent in Elro, while further developing his relationship with Robert Harvey (Going Through Hell, Take The Long Road And Walk It) whose smooth chorus gives some breathing space amid the amazing lyrical flow of the initially somewhat bashful and apologetic rapper attempting to defend his behaviour at 200 words per minute.

You say nothing, but it’s clear to me that you’re fearing me ‘cos I’m weird, but, weird to me is not weird to you, but I accept I’m strange but the best must change, but I’m just engaged, I’m tired of games, I’m not deranged. I’m just, coming up with a new strategy to please and please hear me out, it’s beyond a doubt: I desire your effects and affections, I’m aware that the problems complex and, and I when I get to the best I can be but the best I can be doesn’t seem to fit the script and I’m less than appealing, sometimes feel there’s a mess and I’ve tested your patience; blatant, selfish acts can detract from men who mean well when there are egos attached. I can change myself, not the past.

Yeah, punctuating that was quite difficult.

OMG – The Streets

I’ve been doing a lot of listening to The Streets’ new album Computers and Blues and I’m really enjoying it.
I find that there are very few tracks which immediately jump out at me on albums of this genre: it’s always more about the lyrics than the catchy tunes, and one has to hear them a few times to get the full benefit. Mike Skinner’s use of metaphors at every available opportunity means that there’s a hidden meaning in almost every line and always something more to interpret.

OMG is a great track, the subtext being the ironic lack of face to face communication between young people in the facebook age.
It also gives me the opportunity to test this new Soundcloud Shortcode plugin from Johannes Wagener.

Our hero (Skinner), is devastated to log in to Facebook and find that the potential object of his affections has listed herself as being “in a relationship”.

Looked at your photos, of folks i didn’t know,
Folks I hadn’t noticed seem close to you now.
We’d been hangin’ out a lot,
I gathered that would have to stop.

Skinner’s reaction to this news is very much in the same vein as Dry Your Eyes: upset and downcast, but already accepting that nothing ever lasts forever and that he now has to move on:

All that build up for me,
All the weeks of us walking past tree after tree.
All the patience and doubt; the elation at maybe.
May as well bow: you’re in a relationship now.

Here’s the song, via somekindofawesome on Soundcloud:


However, there is a happy ending, which is also cleverlydescribed in perfect Facebook terminology:

Then what did i spy, I punched the f**king sky,
Among the normally ignorable requests at the right,
I’d of never of guessed there was a request so nice,
Now if you look at my status,
I’m in a relationship too… with you.

All’s well that ends well, I guess, although I don’t see much future in said relationship if these important pieces of news have to be discovered on Facebook.

But maybe that’s the way things are going now.