Halcyon Days…

And so, the holiday draws to an end. Tomorrow brings with it work, bacteria, admin and meetings.
But what a break it’s been: family, friends, London, Sheffield, snow, real beer, a “proper Christmas” and some amazing memories being made.
And then, as the icing on the cake, a few days of excellent weather and relaxation down in Agulhas.
And then, as the cherry placed gently upon the icing on that luxurious cake, Sheffield United demolishing QPR at Loftus Road and our porcine neighbours losing out to a last minute winner at the Etihad.

Could it get any better?
Well, I could do without heading back to the lab tomorrow. But otherwise, no. It’s been amazing.

But in the meantime, for those who are interested, there are updated photos here and here.

End of an era…

Was zooming around the BBC News website, as I am wont to do from time to time, when I came across this story.

An iconic floating nightclub based on the river Tyne for 15 years is to be towed away at the weekend.
The Tuxedo Princess ship, with its legendary revolving dance floor, is being tugged from its Gateshead mooring to make way for a £10m office complex.

As a student in Newcastle in the early 90s, I spent many a happy Monday evening on “The Boat”. And while people¬†all too easily label things as “legendary” these days, the revolving dance floor on The Boat was indeed something to behold.
Stand in the wrong place and your prospective (and obviously very classy) female friend for the evening would be slowly rotated away from you – a distressing and confusing experience after a few* cheap pints on the way down there.

So RIP, The Boat.
I’m sure I should have more memories of you than I actually have, which in itself, speaks volumes.

* few (n) – a small number, in this case, probably about 11.