Day 653 – Of course he is

The last thing we want now (or at any time) is another virus rearing its ugly capsid. But news came through yesterday of a human case of H5N1 avian (bird) flu in the UK.

Not good.

But then, in a typically British twist, this:

Of course he is. But if you are going to surround yourself indoors with 20 ducks (+ another hundred in your immediate vicinity), then these are the sort of risks that you are going to run.

Nasty case of car bonnet jumper-itis there, too. In his Por(s)ch(e).

This whole unpheasant situation must be a huge birden for Mr Gosling.
But honestly, who has that many ducks in their house?
He must be quackers. Stork raven mad.
I’m not sure it’s even leagle.

But enough of these fowl puns.
This is obviously a serious situation and it would be wrong to make light of it.

I hope he gets the tweetment he needs.