Day 733 – Terrible and great and addictive

No, not this blog. And not cocaine, either, before you go rushing in there.

Neither of those accurately fit the description if you actually think about it.

Obviously, I’m talking about the new collab between Soft Cell and the Pet Shop Boys.
This one:

It’s not great in any way shape or form except that it’s Soft Cell and the Pet Shop Boys and also… it’s obviously great. Because what’s not to like about Marc Almond in an ice cream van or the boys playing dominoes together in a quiet corner of a late 1970s pub?

Well, it’s the music, which is disappointingly ordinary and unremarkable. It’s terrible. And it’s also great. And addictive.

The sample seems to have been lifted from Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (which has history on this blog) and the synth from Always On My Mind. And these guys have all repeatedly earned their musical full colours years and years ago: they don’t have to prove a damn thing to anyone.

It’s terrible, but it’s also addictive. I’ve listened to it 37 times since yesterday.