Leaf it out

Quote of the day from Brian Micklethwait of BrianMicklethwait.com infamy:

I hate leaves. All over London there are great views, totally ruined by leaves.

Ah yes, leaves: the bane of any urban photographer.

But if Brian is struggling with leaves, then it means that he’s visiting places in London with trees (thanks Sherlock). And trees are a great sign that a suburb is doing well. This 2012 post even asserted that you could “spot income inequality from space”, simply by observing the number of trees in any given suburb.

Thus, the answer seems fairly clear – rather choose to go somewhere really, really dodgy to take photographs of London’s Big Things. The dodgier the better, I’d assume. Of course, there are other things to take into account when you’re avoiding trees in this way.  The higher crime rate and the greater chance of being mugged, for example.
But at least when someone buys your camera in the local Cash Converters later in the week, none of the buildings in the photos will be obscured by foliage.

Silver lining and all that…