Local dating site warns you to “be alert” if wind picks up ahead of concert

This just in ahead of the Lady Gaga concert that no-one everyone is talking about:

I can only guess that this is in reference to the incident at the Linkin Park concert in Cape Town last month in which a scaffolding tower blew over and killed a woman. And forewarned is forearmed, right?
But are people really more at risk of injury and/or death from objects being blown over at events occurring at the Cape Town Stadium?

If they are then how comes there was no warning on the Dating Buzz SA twitter stream for patrons heading to the recent Cape derby on November 23rd? True, almost half a million football fans survived the World Cup 2010 completely unscathed, but that was before the Linkin Park incident, which showed just how dangerous events at the Cape Town Stadium can be.

Look, maybe it’s not a Cape Town Stadium thing. Maybe it’s a wind thing, but in that case, the apocalyptic Friday 30th should have been a bit mental for tweets from Dating Buzz SA. But it wasn’t. There were a couple of Lady Gaga tweets and a retweet of someone asking how Matt was.
I’m not sure who Matt is or what happened to him – perhaps some sort of wind/scaffolding related injury?
Tenuous at best.

All in all, I think that the tweeted warning is pretty much needless. Like me saying, “Don’t get run over tomorrow”.
(Although, don’t.)

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t always be on the look out for large tubular metal structures crashing down on them, but it seems to be a bit of a stretch to suggest that they should be specifically more alert at tonight’s concert. Common sense should prevail.

Oh, and it certainly doesn’t deserve three exclamation marks. Nothing deserves three exclamation marks.

Cape Town has no idea that Lady Gaga concert is happening after newspaper blackout

Capetonians were left utterly bemused as to what on earth is going on at the Cape Town Stadium this evening after local newspapers chose to boycott coverage of… well… whatever is happening at the Cape Town Stadium this evening.

MAJOR Cape newspapers have supported a call to withdraw coverage of the Lady Gaga concert at Cape Town Stadium today.
Gaga’s management team confirmed to the SA National Editors Forum (Sanef) that no news photographers would be allowed to cover the event.

Ah there it is. A Lady Gaga concert.

And, true to their word, looking at today’s Cape Times, you’d be hard pressed to work out that there was any sort of Lady Gaga concert happening tonight if it wasn’t for the page three piece telling you about them not telling you about the Lady Gaga concert happening tonight. Well, that and the City of Cape Town ad for the transport arrangements on page five, but money is money and media freedom ethics go out of the window when you’ve got the offer of cold hard cash, right?


Sanef said last week this attempt to control coverage was “unprecedented”. News photographers were usually allowed to at least take shots of the first three songs.

Adjective: Never done or known before.
Synonyms: unexampled – unparalleled – unheard-of

Yes, of course it’s absolutely unprecedented. Except for the international precedent set by the rest of the Lady Gaga tour, which has sparked outrage… er… nowhere. Oh, and the other local precedent set by U2 last year (a concert much covered and adulated by the local press):

Publicists for Big Concerts, Pamberi Communications, said yesterday the ban extended to all countries involved in Lady Gaga’s global tour.
The city’s Tourism, Events and Marketing director, Anton Groeneweld, said this was not the first time a ban on news photography had been imposed: “It was the same request at the U2 concert last year. The artists have a right to accredit the photographers they want.”

How very dare they choose the photographers that they want to accredit? Next they’ll be charging people to go into the stadium to see the artists. And what comes after that? Where do we draw the line?

Ridicule aside though, much like the claims that the concerts should be cancelled “because she is a Satanist“, I think we can all see that  this boycott will hit Lady Gaga hard. I find it unlikely that we will hear anything at all about the concert now that Die Burger isn’t reporting on it. I can’t see her selling any more tickets for gigs in South Africa this year simply for the reason that the Weekend Argus isn’t going to tell us if she was any good. I, for one, don’t go out buying tickets for concerts that the Daily Voice haven’t specifically (and positively) vetted.

I hope that other artists coming to Cape Town in the near future will take note of this very mature attitude from our local press. Because yes, their dad is bigger than your dad and it’s their ball and they’re taking it home and you can’t play any more and you smell.
So don’t you come over here with your international rules and norms and expect us to simply comply without a belated press boycott of your concert so only the 58,000 concert goers, that strange Afrikaans lady and everyone else will know that it’s happening.

That’ll teach you.

If govt can keep da lama out so can they keep satanis out


Fullscreen capture 2016-05-16 112040 AM.bmp

So says michangel.justice while commenting on this channel24.com post:

The South African Council of Churches is planning to prevent Lady Gaga from performing in South Africa

Now, if this were a campaign based on her musical efforts, I could understand – I could even join in. But no. SACC are not worried about that, they’re worried about this:

The church group has now raised their concerns, stating that they are in fact worried about the “destructive impact” Lady Gaga can have on South Africa’s youth.
Reverend Mxolisi Sonti, secretary of the youth forum, told Beeld they are afraid of the extent of Satanism in South Africa at this time, and that Gaga’s visit could lead to an exponential growth of Satanism.

One wonders if anyone has told them about YouTube, DVDs or the many other ways that people can listen to Gaga’s gaga message whether or not she actually comes to South Africa. You can also find out about real Satanists on the internet, which will be available in South Africa until Uncle Jacob says its not ok any more.

SACC’s stance follows on from the Facebook group: South Africa: No to Lady Gaga and satanists [sic] which was launched when the concerts were announced and has already reached the heady heights of 378 likes. There are ample opportunities for your reading enjoyment on there. It’s like a plethora of michangel.justices attempting to justify themselves.

The group is currently planning a march to the department of Arts and Culture in Pretoria on Friday, where they will be handing over a written request to the department in a plea to stop Gaga from coming to South Africa.

Of course, I’m all for these people being able to voice their opinions. Individuals should not be gagged just because of their religious views. Sadly, for Mxolisi, michangel et al, that goes for Satanists as well – not that I believe Lady Gaga is necessarily one of them. Can you imagine if Satanists marched on Parliament calling for some Christian singer to be banned?

Uproar. Bedlam. Hilarity.

Maybe if these people want to increase support for their cause they should bring over some popular Christian singer, leading to an exponential growth of Christianity.

I wonder why that hasn’t happened yet?

Going Gaga

Big Concerts has come out with a Big Announcement that they are going to make a Big Announcement on Monday morning.
Care should be taken here, since the last Big Announcement by Big Concerts was that Celtic Woman were to play in South Africa. (If you don’t know who Celtic Woman are, then you join the rest of us. Welcome.)

Speculation is unsurprisingly rife that it could be Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, the Foo Fighters, or indeed a return visit from Celtic Woman. And then there’s the Lady Gaga thing.

Let’s have a quick look at how Big Concerts is advertising their Big Announcement:

And let’s compare that with the typography on the Lady Gaga “Born This Way Ball” site:

Similar? Not similar?
Coincidence? Not coincidence?

If it is her, she’d better not wear that meat dress. She’ll get braai’ed.

Grown Men Singing Lady Gaga

Seriously – from Facebook via Mrs 6000:

Yes, I am aware that this isn’t new (like 7.5 million YouTube hits old), but thanks to my Google Chrome Lady Gaga filter, it’s new to me. Sadly, Mrs 6000’s laptop still runs IE8 and so this made it through to her with no issue. She then shared it with me.
Thanks for that.

A small amount of detective work (Google) revealed that this comes from the 2010 repertoire of the University of Oregon’s A cappella group “On The Rocks“. And while the music might not be to my taste, the talent and the performance are pretty impressive.