Kids’ Morning

The kids deserved a bit of a treat this weekend. With Mum away, their routine has been disturbed, and they’ve handled it really well. I’m very proud of the way they’ve helped me out and got stuff done.
Thus, we headed to the Waterfront for slush and fish at the Aquarium, semi-precious stones at the Scratch Patch and a quick round of Cave Golf (it’s like putt-putt, but in a faux cavern).
The morning was completed with a freshly made crêpe with lashings of Nutella at the V&A Food Market.

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The camera has gone on holiday with Mrs 6000, so I went quick and dirty with my phone and willfully shared photos all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for family and friends to share our morning out. I’ve also gathered them together them on Flickr for a more lasting collection of memories.