PistoriusBalls 13

Again, it’s time for a serious note, a further observation.
Since Oscar Pistorius has come onto the stand – or perhaps rather since Gerrie Nel has begun his annihilation cross-examination – the spurious tweets have (mostly) dropped off. I think that the assorted journos feel that this is the moment that they’ve been waiting for: the bit that everyone wants to see. The immediate analysis has almost completely disappeared – suddenly it’s just facts being reported.

Mainly, anyway.

Which is most of the time.


These Kendrick Lamar lyrics could be the mantra of the trial journalists.


Yes, but remember to take turns on the swings in the playground.


“How long have we been here now?”
“No idea. I’ve completely lost track of time. 20 days? 21?”
“Meh – you put 20 and I’ll go for 21. No-one will notice.”



Ass prosecutor? Blimey. What a specialised position. Just imagine if OP’s ass is aquitted but the rest of him ends up in prison. How would that even work? 


Also, they need to stop the Bulls playing rugby, Sundowns’ push for the league title, anything to do with the Union Buildings and prevent any of the 1.4million residents doing anything that might get in your way.

PistoriusBalls 12

Before the break:

I once did a project for almost 15 days and then I simply had to give up, so fair play to the journalists sitting in the courtroom for a few hours each day and being paid to tell people about it. Sterkte.

Euphemism, right?


Probably her most incisive comment yet.

That’s a rather thick anticlimax. Much worse than a mist of disappointment or a haze of letdown.


Aaand we’re back! Welcome to bring your own soft-furnishings to court day.


To be fair, I think he could have chosen just about anywhere better than to meet her than there. Amirite?

PistoriusBalls 11

Here we go again:

It’s ok, Mrs Annette Stipp, your secret is safe with Karyn Maughan.


And then got back in their time machine and went home.


Well, maybe I suppose, but generally, I make mine in the kitchen.


Hmm. Why would a murder suspect need TWO pens?
And will his clumsiness be his downfall?

And then a quick reminder that this whole thing is nothing more than a media circus:


PistoriusBalls 10

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the journalists?


Those are the only two we’ve got left.

BREAKING NEWS! Hanky still white (maybe washed since day one?)

Juvenile sniggering at bowl/bowel error:

Cue Sky News Exclusive: WAS OSCAR ON DRUGS?

And then there was adjournment, because for the prosecution, the long weekend simply wasn’t long enough.

PistoriusBalls 9

Day 10, and the tension is mounting. Not least amongst the press peeps:


These murder trials are so irritating in that way, hey? We should just toss a coin.


Or cars. Or radio-controlled planes. Or iPhones. Or shoes (or is that sexist?).

Like schoolkids in a maths lesson.

I case you were wondering where Mum was over the lunch break:

I know, you’ve been at it for 5 and a half hours. (If you forget the the tea break) (and the adjournments) (and lunch).