“You can only pick 5”

Another social media thing that I spotted. I usually dismiss these sort of things immediately and move on, because they always seem a bit juvenile and silly to me. Not that I have a problem with other people doing them: it’s just not for me.

But I did have to laugh at this one…

Wow. Only 5?!? They make these things so tough.

Let me tell you all right now:


What am I meant to do? Somehow guess as to how to fill in the remaining 3½ spaces? Donate them to someone that actually finds this a struggle? Watch less football and more TV? (No.)

Honestly, the people that think up these things clearly don’t understand the important things and real life.

I have no issue with “missing out” here. Each to their own, as I mentioned above. I wonder, will this prompt the same pouring of disbelief, revulsion and outrage as that time when I said that I don’t like films?

Probably not. I mean, after all, people on the internet are much more open to hearing and understanding other people’s different viewpoints these days, aren’t they?