Day 495 – Not going to plan

I’m still not right, and it’s beginning to get to on my nerves now. There’s no joy in having to sit and struggle for breath each time after you’ve done something as energetic as walking outside or helping with unpacking the dishwasher. Nor having to go to bed by 8pm because there’s no energy left for anything else.

And so I’m going to seek further medical advice tomorrow morning. Whatever my GP can do to get me mended, I’m willing to try.

I’m mindful that the Covid vaccination doesn’t necessarily prevent infection, but does seem to prevent those “serious” complications which might get you stuck in hospital. I haven’t been sick enough to be in hospital, thank goodness, but I need to avoid even this level of illness in the future. I can’t be doing with feeling like this again any time soon.

Walk record

Still not well. Still not that though.

Sinusitis and full-on exhaustion the main symptoms right now. I’m sleeping for 16 hours a day. You’re lucky to find me up and about right now.

I was in need of fresh air and exercise yesterday, and despite not being 100%, I decided to go out. Morally delinquent? Not really. Like I said, I don’t have Covid-19 and I rarely bump into anyone on my beagle walks anyway; with everyone hiding at home, there was even less chance of contact.

(And please remember that “going for a walk” is on the DoH’s green list of good things to do, even if the Province is telling us all to stay at home.)

All went off without a hitch.

5.65km in 1 hr 6 minutes (snorfing pace).
People encountered: 6 (one family on bikes, one couple walking)
People within 5 metres: 0
People braai’ing in Wynberg Park: 2
People gathering under a gazebo in Wynberg Park: ±60. Muppets.
Things snorfed: All of the things.

Came home to find a big family party (three generations) next door. Great idea, folks.

This morning, I have prepped the beagle with food and drugs for the next three months. It seems likely that things are about to get more serious in terms of freedom of movement, and no-one wants to spend the next few weeks with a hungry beagle.

Stay safe, people.


No, not the other way around. Because:

I was decidedly unwell this morning, and although I was (sort of) back on track by lunchtime, it’s left me feeling lifeless, flat and feeling altogether bleugh. An early night is called for.

I’d better be completely better by tomorrow morning, because we’re going on a yacht. To be exact, apparently, we’re going on a Schooner.

a sailing ship with two or more masts, typically with the foremast smaller than the mainmast

I don’t know how many masts our schooner has, but I do know that it’s at least two, and I will let you know as soon as we do.

Just to be clear, I haven’t cleared any of this with the 6000 miles… yachting correspondent, and I’m wondering if perhaps I should have done. But we’re not planning on Schooning far: just a quick and pleasurable pootle around Table Bay and then back for lunch.

Will there be photos? Really?
Does the Pope shit in the woods?


Finally. The series of three nights of crippling insomnia has been broken. Last night, exhausted, I went to bed, closed my eyes and it actually worked. My body did what it was supposed to and this morning, I feel almost human once again.

Today’s plans have gone badly wrong, however. We were supposed to be going to a braai in Fishhoek, but then Mrs 6000 ended up being thoroughly nebulized twice at the local ER. Three years supply of steroids, plus several (or more) antibiotics and she’s back home with us.  A good night’s sleep (I’ll teach her how with my new found skills) and hopefully tomorrow will be a new dawn, in all the different ways. In the meantime, the younger child seems to have developed a bit of a sore throat and a sniffle and has thus been quarantined.

I plan to ward off any potential infection mainly using brandy. I’ve checked out my old microbiology books and apparently alcohol is good at killing all sorts of bugs, so I’m planning to go full on and drink as much as possible. I’m not sure if football has any antimicrobial effects, but I’m going to try a good dose of that this afternoon as well.

Keep On Running

In Loperamide (C29H33ClN2O2), we trust.

Ah yes. Day 2 of this infernal “24 hour” viral gastroenteritis, bringing with it the traditional four symptoms of viral gastroenteritis: sweating, shaking, swearing and farting. And frequent trips to the bathroom, obviously.

I haven’t had much contact with other individuals, but apparently, “everyone has got it”, which I suppose is meant to bring some comfort in that you then understand that you’re not suffering alone. However, all it makes me think of is numerous sweaty, shaky, sweary, farty individuals across Cape Town who can’t stray too far from a toilet.

And that’s not pleasant.

I’m actually rather annoyed that I’ve contracted this nasty bug: being a microbiologist, I’m anal about hand-washing and hygiene. (Perhaps I should use soap and water like other people?)
So, be aware, Cape Town people – you are hereby advised to stock up on Immodium, Rehydrate and Lucozade, because if I can get it, anyone can get it.

Right, I’m off for my 14th shower of the day.
Stay healthy, peeps.