One for the Future

Lucky enough to go along to Kenilworth today and watch this guy’s second ever race. And was he ever ready to go:

But once the tension and the nerves in the Parade Ring had dissipated, he went out and he did the business in a very strong field.

“Winner winner, chicken dinner”, as the locals say. Although actually, I think they have plans to race him some more first.

Amazing result. I’ll let you know when he’s racing again so that you can win some money, too.

Day 409 – Racehorsing

I’m not a gambling man. Except for the golf, obviously. But we went along to the horseracing yesterday, and you can’t do that without a bit of betting.

I didn’t win on many races, but when I did win, I won (relatively) big.

So, after a great afternoon with a lot of laughs and fun, I still came home with more money than I set out with.

And a smile on my face as Sheffield Wednesday got relegated.

It was a good day.