An excellent Flickr account to visit

No. It’s not mine. Incoming from the etv guy:

Have you seen this?

And a link to a photo on HiltonT’s photostream. For the record, this was the photo in question, and no, I hadn’t seen it:

kalbay05Apparently, it’s a regatta at Kalk Bay in 1905. It’s interesting for a number of reasons: the transport, the clothing, the frankly disappointing lack of any sort of water craft for a regatta, the additional lack of any breakwater wall or railway, and that business on the building at the back: Kalk Bay Fish and Land Co. Ltd.

– Let’s start a business in Kalk Bay.
– OK, sounds like a good plan. What sort of business?
– Hmm… Fish?
– Excellent. But…
– But what?
– Well, don’t you think that’s a bit niche?
– Ja, good point. We need something more diverse.
– How about… How about Fish… and Land?
– Brilliant. But what are we going to call it?
– No idea, mate. Maybe let’s just leave it, hey.

But of course, they didn’t. And thus the Kalk Bay Fish and Land Co Ltd was born.
That’s exactly how it all happened.


Anyway, I digress. Often. The real reason that this post is happening to to advise you about the rest of HiltonT’s Flickr account. There’s quite a lot of history, quite a lot of South Africa, quite a lot of photographs of documents, some local (pre-1994) football and other… stuff.

If you’re in the right frame of mind, you could get lost in there for literally hours.

Go, do it. (And then, when you’re done, there’s this one as well.)

N.B. The Kalk Bay Fish and Land Company Limited should not be confused with the Kalk Bay Land and Sea Company (which is obviously a completely different enterprise), which went on to become Irvin and Johnson (I&J) Fisheries.

Thanks Adam