This just in from the Republic of South Yorkshire – it’s the highlights of this weekend’s game between Doncaster Rovers and Fleetwood Town.

I’m not a fan of either of these teams, but even I can appreciate where the content editor was going with this one.
You get “good” 0-0’s, you get “bad” 0-0’s and, as every football fan will be able to testify, you get “Doncaster Rovers v Fleetwood Town” 0-0’s. We’ve all been there. Not literally there on Saturday, but you know what I mean.

Fair play to whoever was forced into putting together a “highlights” package for this one and chose to give us this. And then head down to the local to drown their sorrows.

BBC says goodbye to World Cup 2010

The BBC comes in for a lot of criticism – some justified, some not.
One thing they do better than anyone else I know is their coverage of football.

This District 9 themed highlights/credits package for the 2010 World Cup is simply outstanding.

So many amazing moments, cleverly and brilliantly presented.

Thanks Arcainus