It was one of those ridiculously hot days in Cape Town today. Mid 30’s or higher. I wilt in that sort of heat.
Still, after an amazing braai with friends in Somerset West, we’re now back in Cape Town and it’s beginning to cool down a little. Thank goodness. I might still grab a quick swim before bed though.

One more thing: looking at the FA Cup results so far this weekend, I think we might win it this year. It’ll look nice in the trophy cabinet along with the Capital One Cup.

Poor choice

Back in December when we arranged the repairs to the pool and the pool area, the weather was pretty rubbish in Cape Town.
But we couldn’t have foreseen that we’d choose to have it done during the hottest week in living memory.


It’s a job that has to be done during the summer months, because the lower water table in the drier seasons lessens the risk of your pool literally popping out of the ground. (On first hearing about this possible phenomenon, I was desperate to see it happen – then I saw how much it was going to cost me if it did.)
But the summer months have weeks that are in the mid-20s, which would have been fine. Right now, in an effort to get any sort of comfort, I’m writing this from next door’s pond.