Seaside Slideshow

I was going to call this “Gorgeous Green Point”, “Marvelous Mouille Point”, “Thrilling Three Anchor Bay” or “Spectacular Sea Point”.
But that’s just because the boundary lines between those suburbs have always seemed a little vague and disputable to me. As it was, these were taken from the Mouille Point lighthouse (in Green Point) on what was a stunningly beautiful, but dangerously windy Sunday afternoon. I had to hold onto Scoop to stop her being blown into the South Atlantic.


More pics here.

The swell wasn’t huge, but the wind was whipping the tops off the waves in the bright sunshine. I haven’t seen wind this strong since the last time the wind was this strong and I can’t remember when that was.


With the kick off of the 2010 World Cup just 279 days away, the Green Point Stadium in Green Point seems set to be renamed. Originally, the name mooted was the African Renaissance Stadium, but who wants to play football in an ARS?

Thus, the Cape Town City Council have proposed that the new name for the new stadium should be (and I hope you’re sitting down for this):

The Cape Town Stadium

It’s both brilliantly simple and straightforward and really, really unimaginative. However, there is apparently method in their madness:

On Wednesday the mayoral committee approved the naming of the stadium going for public consultation after agreeing that “Cape Town” would offer the most brand value, together with flexibility in selling commercial rights for optimal financial and marketing benefits for the city.
Other stadiums in South Africa have either geographically linked, commercial, cultural or heritage names. It was noted that a cultural, heritage or personality name would restrict the selling of commercial rights.

Either way, this latest photo released from the 2010 Organising Committee on their twitter feed shows just how well work is coming along:

Amazing.  You just can’t fault a setting like this.

We’re almost through winter and still ahead of schedule for the official completion/handover date in December. I’m hoping that my study will be completed by then as well. Although I doubt that Jacob Zuma will come to the opening of that.

At least, he hasn’t RSVP’d yet.