Jim’ll Paint It

Just a quick mention for this (in hindsight, not particularly well named) tumblr, which recently dived into my field of attention.

Got something in your brain that you’d really like to see with your eyes? Just ask and if I like the sound of it I’ll paint it for you for free using incredibly high tech and sophisticated MS Paint software.

Yep. James Murray takes requests from the general public and makes a picture of it on Paint. Which is about as far as my technical artistic skills go as well. But he’s much better than me.
Much, much better:


Brian Blessed punching a polar bear in the face, as requested by Emily Griffin and Lyam Brabson.

Yes, I liked this one (and not just because of the violence against animals), but there are far more complicated requests on there too. Look out for this from Professor Green, for example:

Dear Jim,
Please paint me Steven Seagal, Jeremy Kyle and Slipknot on an 18-30s holiday in Weston-Super-Mare. Kyle is pissed at Slipknot for using all the semi-skimmed milk but Seagal steps in and offers his Almond Milk as an alternative. There happens to be a Lilliput Lane Pottery Collectors convention taking place on the beach as well.

Here it is. And it’s ever so realistic.